Saturday, July 24, 2010

Small Moleskine!

These are two pages from my small Watercolor Moleskine sketchbook.
It's from 2008, but i have lot's of cool things still to share.

This is the Owl.

Little Owl, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.

Made with Brushes, Chinese Ink, Watercolors.

Some close ups.
Close up - OwlClose up - Owl
And a very angry old man.
Angry old man!
Close up!
Close up - Angry Old ManClose up - Angry Old Man

Made with Brushes, Chinese Ink, Watercolors and Gouache.

Hope you enjoy!

Take care,


Dam Ferreira said...

fantastic blog! I love this piece!

boredomsketch said...

Olá Dam! Obrigado! :D

Lazarus Lupin said...

love the colours you chose very cool

lazarus lupin
art and review