Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Killer

The Killer, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.

The Killer - ProcessThe illustration says it all,(click to see bigger please!) but yesterday i've received Imagine FX, with a dvd.
It had Art Rage demo, which i was curioous to try!
So i started experimenting it, the tools and all, and i really liked the pencil tool and the ink pen tool.
I've used an imac 24'' with a wacom intuos4 L and its pen and my right hand :P
This is what i got from it, a sort of sad vampire i guess? I'll leave it to you to imagine what ventures he may had!

Here's a process gif!
First the blank page, then the pencils, inks and colors, like i would do traditionally.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spontaneous Drawing

Spontaneous Drawing - TableSpontaneous Drawing - TableSpontaneous Drawing - TableSpontaneous Drawing - Table
Spontaneous Drawing, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.

Drawing made with brush pen on Moleskine Sketchbook.

Made directly on paper, no planning, just watching what as on paper and going with it. It was a nice break of the works i was doing, the drawing took something like 5 minutes ( i was not counting but it was not long).

Break from drawing with a drawing? Oh yeah! :D

Just for curiosity, here's the order i've done this drawing:
The character head, clothes, hands, skethcbook, speech balloons, table, cups and objects on it, chairs, window, and added litle touches here and there, like texture on the wall and jacket, and finally the sentences on the page, and signature and date!

In case of my caligraphy is not too clear, here's what i wrote:
Spontaneous Drawing - Close upThe character says:
I've been drawn with a brush pen, withh no sketch.
And it was fun!

Spontaneous Drawing - Close upUnder the window:
This view is from my studio

Next to the table:
I don't have a table like this, but it seemed cool for the character.

Hope you enjoy it! Take care, André