Saturday, July 17, 2010

Arlequim, Servidor de Dois Amos

Poster design and Illustration for the play "Arlequim, Servidor de Dois Amos", performed by the students at ESEC University, in Teatrao Theatre.
I had to follow Teatrão's Graphic style, so the illustration was the part where i had more freedom.
I made the illustration with brush and ink on paper, scanned it, and colored it digitally.
For more info on the play, but in Portuguese, go here,

And now some little details of the process.
To start, the Thumbnail of for the Illustration.


Now the final drawing and inked drawing.

Some closeups on the drawing.
Close up!

The mask!

And finally, all the elements of this project.
The thumbnail, the inked drawing, the printed poster and flyer.


Hope you enjoy my little talk about my process.
Take care,

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animal said...

Nice evolution, man! Allready knew the final work, but seeing the evolution is much satistfying!! :P