Saturday, July 10, 2010


God?, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.

I was interviewed by Eloísa for TugaMagazine and she challenged me to draw a portrait of God.
I have to say it was a hard one, because i only had a few hours, but i had a lot of fun with it.
I used watercolors, no sketching at all, because the medium allowed me to discover shapes without controlling too much. After a few washes, i painted gouache over the watercolors and finally scanned it and added a few color corrections and that was it.

Thank you Eloísa! You can read the interview she made, but only in portuguese, here,
Here are some photos of my table where i was working.


On the left side of the photo you can see the plate where i mixed my watercolors, and on the right side, my palete for gouaches. I've used Winsor and Newton watercolors, Carand d'ache gouaches, painted with Winsor & Newton Cotman series, and the brush on top of the sketchbook is a sable hair brush, but it doesn't have a brand.
Finally, the paper is a Canson watercolor Sketchbook, 300gr.
And now a close ups on the painting.

Close up

Closer to God

Now i want to paint more Gods!

I hope you enjoy it and i'll waiting your opinions and critiques!


Eloísa Valdes said...

Aha! Do it, do it! I'll go to that exhibition! ;)

Pedro Carvalho said...

Adorei as cores André, e parabens pla entrevista no TugaMag :)