Saturday, March 31, 2007



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This is a personal work.

It started as a small sketch, and over two months, not on a daily basis i've working on this pic.
I have never spent so much time on a digital painting and now i feel it really worth the effort.
My idea regarding this work was to try to visualize somehow how a person's "heart" can be unlocked and the wounds that other relationships created are healed.
The tatoos on her are to remind her of something that she might have learned with other relations.
The rockabilly style on the tatoos are just because i really like the kind of tatoos and i guess they suit the purpose.
Watching Shawn Barber's work regarding tatoos are also the reason behind this work.
It was done using Corel Painter IX initially and then i switched to the X version wich helped me a lot blending the colors because of the real bristle feature.
The arm and the hand holding the key were really hard to got it righ (i still not happy with it).

I loved the time i spent doing it and had a lot a lot of fun.
And i hope you enjoy it too!