Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ink Forest

The Ink Forest, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.


This is my take on the landscape theme.
While thinking on what i would like to aproach, two things came to my mind. Trees and ink, :D.
And after a few thumbs i remembered the exhibition of Mattoti i had seen in Bologna, while visiting the Children's Book Fair. You can take a look at him, drawing and talking about it, here.

So after watching it, i just wanted to dive in the ink and draw!
I did a quick pencil sketch for composition purposes.

The Ink Forest

After that it was all ink and watching what happened in the paper.

The Ink Forest

And now some closeups!

The Ink ForestThe Ink ForestThe Ink ForestThe Ink ForestThe Ink ForestThe Ink Forest

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Pedro Carvalho said...

tenho de começar a dar uso a minha pen (que foi comprada recentemente) , isto ta com um traço extremamente catita André :)