Saturday, January 29, 2011


Deadline, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.


This is my take on Deadline theme. My idea was using a symbol of time, but one that doesn’t comeback, often used in games, like pictionary.
After some drawing i arrived at a thumb that i liked, and quickly did a sketch on my sketchbook.

Deadline - sketch

After a quick pencil drawin, i inked it with a brush.

Deadline - drawing

Scanned it, and added the type digitally.
Here are some close ups to the drawing.

Deadline - close up
Deadline - close up
Deadline - close up

Take care,


Sarah H said...

beautiful representation :)

Cláudia Salgueiro said...

Adoro... excelente ilustração...
o traço, a mensagem, perfeito!

boredomsketch said...

Sarah H, thank you! :D

Cláudia, obrigada! ;)