Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wolverine FanArt

Wolverine Fanart


I had the pleasure to participate once again in the collective blog, Fistful Of Fanart, and this time the illustrator before me, drew the Incredible Hulk! and it looked really angry!

So i had several ideas and tried several characters, until i remembered of Wolverine, which i am a fan, and have several books. These are some of my references for this piece.
Wolverine Fanart - Inspiration
Wolverine Netsuke, by George Pratt
Wolverine issues published by Devir
Mesmo Delivery by Rafael Grampá

So i started doing some sketches of Wolverine, and here are some of them: Wolverine Fanart - Studies

The one in the lower left corner is a ink drawing i did almost a year ago, and i remembered seeing it, when i was organizing my sketchbooks. Wolverine Fanart - Studies

After many sketches i decided on the pose and all and drew it, scanned and composed it on Photoshop.
Wolverine Fanart - PencilsWolverine Fanart - Composition study

Finally, after having the background and wolverine, i inked the pencils with a brush.
Wolverine Fanart - Final Inks

To end this long post, i leave you with some close ups on the inks!
Wolverine Fanart - Close up InksWolverine Fanart - Close up InksWolverine Fanart - Close up Inks

Hope you enjoy it! Take care! André

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