Friday, August 12, 2011

IF - Imperfect

IF - Imperfect, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.


After a long time, i'm participating on Illustration Friday!
This week the theme was imperfect.
So after some doodling i realize that it could be read as i'mperfect, by adding the little symbol. And i also remembered of the ideal of beauty and perfection of greek civiization.

Here's a photo of my sketch!
IF - Imperfect
Done with gouache and scanned!

Here are some close ups!

IF - Imperfect
IF - Imperfect
IF - Imperfect

Hope you enjoy it!

Take care,


Tara said...

I'm perfect!...Imperfect!

You are from Coimbra!!! I've been there once. Just for a short trip from Lisbon. Nice place, lots of students.

By the way, your painting is perfect!

boredomsketch said...

Hey Tara!

Yes, Coimbra lives a bit from the university students, and it's a nice place for sure!
And thank you for such kind words ;)