Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Creepy!, originally uploaded by boredomsketch.

Hello Everyone!

Here's my take on Creepy, the newest theme for HungryForLines Blog
Made with pencil on paper, inked with brush, and the blood and type digitally added.

Now some process!
After some doodling on my sketchbook i did a test with a brushpen to so if i liked the idea.

Creepy! - Page test

After that i did the final pencils.

Creepy! - Final Pencils

When i was happy with that result, i inked it with a brush. Here is a serie of closeups of the different characters.

Creepy! - Dracula closeupCreepy! - Frankenstein closeupCreepy! - Mummy closeup
Creepy! - WereWolf closeupCreepy! - Zombie closeupCreepy! - Illustrator closeup

Hope you enjoy it!

Take care,

Take care!

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Carla Rodrigues said...

Já tinha adorado ver o trabalho, mas vendo o processo acho que gostei ainda mais ;) Excelente, como sempre!