Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

Hello everyone!

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood 2

Little Red Riding Hood 3

I did these three illustration to a Children Illustration contest that happens every two years in Barreiro,Portugal.
You can check the winners here, blog
oficial site
They are from the story of the Little Red Riding Hood.
The first one is when she´s leaving her home, going to her grandmother's house.
Her mother is warning her about the wolf.
The second one is when she meets the wolf and he's able to mislead her, and she's going to pick some flowers, giving the wolf some advantage on the way to grandmother's.
In this one i remembered the Magritte's painting where an horseman it's in the florest and thought it would be a nice way to show the wolf in this case.
here's a link to the painting,
The final one is when the wolf already at grandmother's house and the little girl is entering the house, without knowing that the wolf is there. I've tried to tell the reader that he's there, trying not be literal doing so.

I want to improve if possible, them so im putting them here to your apreciation and critique.
So please do so and i hope you enjoy them!



Nimur said...

Gosto muito das cores e da tensao que das em todas as imagens. Em especial a segunda e a terceira imagem. a sensacao de "impending doom" esta muito bem conseguida.

jazzlamb said...

oh my goodness. these illustrations are the best of the story I've ever seen. I love the wolf turning and towering onto the little red riding hood in the second one and the evil grin-like thing the house has...very dark. very beautiful!